How to Become a Grower

We are inviting gardeners and farmers to help us increase seed available of rare heritage staple crops. If you have a plot from a 10ft bed to several acres, you can help!

The Rogue Valley Heritage Grain Project will provide all the seed at no cost in exchange for a return of 15 percent or more of the seed harvest to restock and grow our seed library. Contributing some of the vital seed you grow will help local farms scale up for planting more acres the following season. There simply is not enough heritage seed available for farms in the area or in the country to plant.

Small-scale growers help us get rare seed back into the hands of people to bring back not only lost heritage staple crops, but to get our community back on track to eating healthier, nutrient dense and climate resilient foods in a way that honors our precious, and sometimes limited, natural resources.

Growers will choose one or more crops from this list appropriate to their site. RVHGP seeds include spring, summer and fall-planted ancient and heritage grains, and legumes and oil producing crops, each that have proven themselves to increase soil health, reduce inputs needed to grow, and require zero to minimal irrigation even here in the hot, dry growing season of Southern Oregon/Northern California.

Interested growers are requested to answer a few questions here to better help the process for all wishing to grow out seeds. Make sure to include an email so someone can be in touch to follow up.

Reach out with any questions or if you want to help get locally suited seeds and healthy food back into our community: